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How It Works

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While prescribed grazing goats may be ideal for some properties, they aren't right for every property. Unlike sheep, goats are "top down" grazers and therefore are better suited for areas overrun by broadleaf vegetation rather than areas that are predominately grasses. Many of our targeted grazing jobs are on the margins of forests, along fence lines, and into vegetation so dense that it is nearly impassable to humans.


 • Estimated acreage of target vegetation

 • Estimated acreage of entire property

 • Type(s) of problem vegetation

 • Several images of the area in question

 • Reason(s) for clearing the site


If you think goats may be a good fit for your property, please send us an email that includes all of the information above.


From there, we will: 

Schedule a Visit: Determine if goats are the right fit for your property and build an estimate for the grazing job


Goat Installation: Set up and test electric fencing


Goats Start Grazing: Daily visits by handler to provide water and occasional nutritional and health needs


Program Costs: The cost of a graze varies widely based on the size of the area to be cleared (and therefore the length of stay), distance between the farm and the grazing location, how much fencing is required, terrain conditions and density of vegetation. The average cost to set up is between $300 and $750 and the average herd per diem is between $75 and $100.

Before & After

Morven Park Goats Before.jpg
Morven Park Goats During.jpg
Moven Park Goats After 01.jpg
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